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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

JourneyCare’s Kids Who Care youth volunteer programs set our volunteer program apart from other nonprofit organizations. Join the club!

Here’s how it works
Participants work with parent leaders and JourneyCare Staff members for a set amount of time for education, service and leadership training. While learning to celebrate life at all stages, kids will also discover how they can, support the communities we serve, and work on projects to bring a little joy to our patients and their families. Participants agree to participate in each meeting. Pre-registration is required.

Programs include:

JourneyCare Juniors
Via email, 4th through 8th grade students and their families will receive a monthly mini -lesson and project to benefit a specific area of JourneyCare. Learn more about the history of this program.
Please contact Ali Behrens to express interest or ask any questions that you might have.

Youth Advisory Board
High school students who meet online during the school year between September and May. A formal application and letter of recommendation is required. Led by staff of the JourneyCare Foundation, this group will focus on developing leadership skills through mentoring of the Juniors, developing and creating service projects and supporting the agency at Foundation and agency events.
Please note:  Please contact Molly Conley for more information. 

Click here to apply for The JourneyCare Juniors and Youth Advisory Board programs.
Click here to apply as an adult volunteer.

2020-2021 Youth Advisory Board

Executive Leadership

President – Costandena Liapis

Vice President – Carina O’Brien

Secretary – Kate Kainz

Chief Communications Officer – Ashwin Kasargode

Chief Membership Officer – Ella Beaubien

Chief Service Officer – Emily Miller

Katie Blaszczyk

Jasmine Clark

Sophie Farmer

Will Farmer

Chloe Liapis

Jack Louis

Brad Martin

Colin Martin

Meredith McGreevy

Anika Patel

Krish Patel

Carson  Pazdan

Emma Richmond

Lucia Saez

Sarah Sarnowski

Rayanna Schmidt

Isabella Sepe

Annie Tarpey

Bridget Tarpey