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Recording Hours & Documentation – Helpful Hints




  • Activity – When you enter your service hours into the system, be sure you select the right activity. If you can’t find the correct activity listed or you are not sure what to pick, please contact a volunteer coordinator.


  • Patient Name  – It must be Last name, First name – in that order. Please include the comma.


  • Assignment Summary – Details are important, please include specifics – what you did with the patient (i.e. listened to music, read a book, took a walk) and what you talked about with the patient/family (i.e. patient’s life, weather, movies). If you feel the patient is “declining,”   give examples of what you observed (i.e.  eating less, breakfast tray unfinished, sleeping more, not interested in an activity that patient used to enjoy; talkative patient no longer talking)


  • Multiple patients – Please enter separate documentation for each patient visited.

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