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Painting a Picture




We depend on volunteer documentation to help “paint a picture” of the support you are providing to our patients and families as a volunteer. The things you notice on your visits to adult patients (in their home or senior living community) and pediatric patients are so important to the care we are providing.

We ask that you record your visit notes on the day you see your patient and chart any decline you notice. Words that are interpretive or subjective in nature should be avoided. Reference what you see, what you hear, what you do. In other words, follow the FACT Rule:

          Factual          Accurate       Complete      Timely

Examples of A+ Visit Notes

Example 1: I arrived at patient’s home. Patient reported no pain. Patient’s caregiver administered medication. Reviewed old photos with patient and listened to Buddy Holly records. Patient appeared to be in good spirits. Ended visit with a light hand massage. Patient stated he was very appreciative of this visit.

Example 2: I visited Dorothy in her room. She was sleeping, but woke up after a short while. We discussed my role as a volunteer. She enjoys song birds, nature, bingo and Catholic devotions. She grew up in the country, had a family of 8 children and has fond memories of her hardworking mother. I left her with a bird identification book from the library. With our next visit, we will consider a visit to the facility aviary and, if nursing permits, some outdoor time at the front porch. She said she has not been outdoors for a while.

Example 3: Mike went out on errands and I sat with Lia. She said her back pain was very, very bad and then slept the entire time. When Mike returned I asked how he is doing and he said he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. He mentioned a doctor’s appointment he has coming up at a time when I’m not available. Could you please follow up with Mike and/or the team about this respite need?




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