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IPC Sitters

IPC Sitters are volunteers who are asked to sit bedside with a patient in one of our five inpatient CareCenters. Sitters may be called in to support agitated patients who may be at risk for falls or who need someone with them at all times.  Sitters are also asked to sit with pediatric patients when their family can’t be present. This role differs from that of a vigil volunteer, because the patient is not actively dying, but rather, just needs a presence for safety and compliance.
When a volunteer sitter is requested, we will call you or send you an email with specific details about the patient and what kind of assistance is needed.  If you are interested in being a volunteer sitter, you can go to our volunteer portal, www.myvolunteerpage.com  Click on the Opportunities tab and select the CareCenter location where you want to volunteer as a sitter and sign-up for a shift that best fits your schedule.
All patient care volunteers will be added to the IPC Sitter group. If you do not wish to receive these requests, please let any of us know.

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