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How We Inform You About Your Patient’s Status




When there is a change in your patient’s status, (i.e. they have died, been transferred to another location, or have been discharged from hospice) the volunteer staff does its very best to get you the information in a timely matter. Every morning, a Volunteer Coordinator reviews a report which lists any changes in a patient’s status. If a volunteer is assigned to that patient, we will notify you by email or phone as soon as possible. If we call and are unable to reach you, we will leave a message so you know to contact us.

Obviously, this is easier for us to do throughout the work week than it is on the weekends. As a result, we recommend all our volunteers contact our Emergency Triage Line (224) 770-2424, to check on your patient’s status before you go to visit them on a weekend. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact us.

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