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“Grief Gadget” Donations Needed for Camp Courage

Here are some of the most popular (and therefore most needed) items for Camp Courage Grief Gadgets:

•Old cell phones (remove the battery) – cases & pieces (even if broken)
•Electronics (of any kind)
•Wheels – rubber, wooden, plastic, etc.
•Hats and scarves
•Small wooden pieces including dowel rods which can be great connectors
•Styrofoam – all shapes, sizes and colors
•Fabric bits and pieces, ties, swatches
•Tassels, cording, jute, heavy string, ribbon
•Knobs, switches, and levers – all sizes, shapes and materials
•Coated wire (nothing sharp or dangerous)
•Beads, buttons, glittery gems
•Small boxes and tins – all shapes & various sizes
•Photographs, pictures, small picture frames
•Small “holiday”-themed items
•Inexpensive jewelry (donated items will not be returned)
•Game pieces
•Old remote controls, calculators and small electronic gadgets
•Cardboard tubes from paper towels or gift wrap (not toilet tissue)
•Anything else that intrigues and inspires you

Please bring your donations to the Volunteer Department by July 1.

Thank you for your support of our camp programs!

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