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CNA Assist Trainings in Glenview and Chicago




CNA Assist Trainings in Glenview and Chicago

The CNA Assist Training is for volunteers who wish to provide hands-on patient care in one of our Hospice CareCenters (not in the home). The training will include two modules:

  1. CNA Assist Techniques — A 2-hour class covering proper body mechanics and safe methods for moving patients
  2. Feed Assist Techniques — A 1-hour class covering how to feed a patient

The locations and dates for these trainings are:

  • Saturday, March 12 – Ada Addington Hospice CareCenter, Chicago
  • Sunday, April 3 – Marshak Family Hospice CareCenter, Glenview
  • Saturday, April 23 – Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter, Barrington

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