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How Life Changes When a Family Member Gets Sick

life changes for sick families
When a loved one is diagnosed with serious illness, the lives of those close to them are impacted as well. This is the beginning of a new journey for everyone, one that may last months or years depending on the progression of your loved one’s illness.

The more knowledge you have, the more in control you will feel.

That’s why it’s important that you learn as much as you can about your loved one’s condition. Talk with their doctors as well as do some of your own research. Write down important notes and reminders to help you advocate for your loved one. Find organizations that deal with specific diseases to seek out educational materials and support groups.

How life may change:

  • margaret&daughter_JourneyCareDaily routines may need to be adjusted due to the treatments your loved one is getting, or limitations on mobility caused by their illness.
  • Family members may need to share caregiving responsibilities, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to help as well as taking the pressure off a single caregiver.
  • Other family members may need to step up in ways not directly related to caregiving.
  • Remember that in addition to routines, the behavior and appearance of your loved one may change as illness progresses. It may be important to ask, “What is the cause of these changes?”

The impact on a caregiver should NOT be ignored. 

Caring for a person with serious illness can cause physical and emotional stress for the entire family, including anger, irritability, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, guilt, stress related health issues and more.

It’s important to have support networks that can help you. Even just to talk and listen. You do not need to do this alone.

JourneyCare can help.

We are here to provide care and support your loved one, yourself, and your family. From the moment of  diagnosis, we will be by your family’s side.

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