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TapCloud: a care and communication innovation

Update: Click here to learn more about TapCloud and how to get started!

With a constant focus on clinical leadership and expertise that enhances care, JourneyCare is now offering innovative TapCloud technology to keep patients in even better contact with their care teams. This secure and easy-to-use app lets patients tell their care team how they are feeling, what symptoms they are experiencing, or anything else they want to share from the convenience of their own computers, tablets or smart phones – all in less than a minute each day.

JourneyCare is the first hospice in the country to choose TapCloud – and the only hospice in the Midwest using this tool – in order to keep patients and their care teams better connected.
“TapCloud helps us know what is happening with the people we serve even in the moments when we are not right there with them,” said Nicole Perry, JourneyCare Northwest Regional Director and a leader of the TapCloud launch team. “This helps in situations when our staff might ask a patient how they have been feeling, and they may respond that they feel ‘fine’ in that moment. But by capturing how they feel when they have checked in and not just at the time we visit, we may find that they were experiencing further symptoms. TapCloud helps us better capture the day-to-day, more complete picture of symptom needs, and we are then better able to assist with solutions.”

The confidential, private information patients share through TapCloud helps JourneyCare teams better assess how their plans of care are working and whether there is anything our clinicians can do to help them feel better and more comfortable.

This supplemental service does not replace care team visits or phone calls.

Here’s how it works: TapCloud is customized based on each patient’s diagnosis and medications. Each day, they are presented with a unique “cloud” of words and experiences, based on their diagnosis and the possible side-effects of medications. All they have to do is “tap” on key words or phrases that describe how they are feeling and, if the symptom is increasing, tap on it twice. This information is conveyed in real time to the care team.

This simple and effective tool allows patients and their families to electronically track their symptoms, so they don’t have to keep journals, notes, or spreadsheets. TapCloud also compiles this information so the care team can monitor the plan of care, see any trends and address any concerns.

Other benefits include:

• Reminders when patients need to take medications and recording when doses are taken.

• A to-do list of tasks that need to be accomplished to support patient care, which TapCloud checks off when they are complete.

• Alerts to designated caregivers and family about patient information. Patients and their families can determine who receives certain information about TapCloud activity so they are kept apprised of symptoms and concerns, even if they are not with the patient.

“TapCloud provides us with more in-the-moment information on what is happening with our patients and the information is coming directly to us securely, so their health information is protected,” Perry said. “This allows us to know, for example, if someone is having more pain than the last time they checked in, or if they need more supplies, so we can address it as soon as possible.”

Care team managers are currently working with patients and their families who are interested to participate in this innovative program. To explore more, download the free app now on iTunes or Google Play, or visit www.tapcloud.com.


– By Elisabeth Mistretta, JourneyCare Content Specialist
Originally published in Together to Care, Issue 1, 2017