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Rita Rupert: ‘JourneyCare was the best choice’


My father, William, was a very independent man into his 80s – right until he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer. With his health rapidly declining, doctors would not release him to live alone anymore. My sister, Marshay, and I were his primary caretakers and we decided Dad would live with me, since my home had a spare bedroom and no stairs for Dad to navigate. But we weren’t sure what else we needed or what to expect.

Thankfully, the doctors also provided us with a list of hospice organizations and we chose JourneyCare. Quickly, my sister and I agreed it was the best choice we could have made. Will still stand by those words today.

The members of Dad’s JourneyCare team were so down-to-earth and treated my father with dignity and respect. They spoke to him as if they knew him and, in turn, my fiercely independent father was comfortable enough to let them care for him.

As caregivers, my sister and I also received an incredible amount of help from JourneyCare. They taught us critical pain management skills for Dad’s home hospice care, even giving us useful techniques to give him his medicine when he could no longer swallow. When we needed medical supplies, JourneyCare always ensured they arrived when and where we needed them, typically the same day. The care team also prepared us for what to do and what to expect as the end came near for my father.

JourneyCare helped to relieve our stress – more than we even realized we needed. We were so grateful to his care team that we even paid tribute to JourneyCare at Dad’s memorial service after he died last fall.

Theresa Dia

Today, I recommend JourneyCare to my friends who are also struggling to care for their parents facing serious illness. With the help of Journey Care Team Manager Theresa Dia, who happens to be a member of my church, and our Assistant Pastor, Dr. John  Hobbs, our church was also able to arrange JourneyCare workshop. During this session, fellow congregants were able to gather valuable information and get questions answered regarding caring for loved ones with chronic and serious illness. It’s one of those things that many people avoid discussing, but I believe these are topics we must address.

That’s also why I share my story: I hope others reach out to JourneyCare when their families need the same support. We had such a wonderful experience and could not have asked for anything better.