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Patient Family Inspires Burst of Giving

Two patient family members delivered some surprise holiday magic this month at JourneyCare’s Northwest Community Hospital CareCenter in Arlington Heights.

Dave Davis was visiting his brother when he noticed JourneyCare volunteers and team members in the CareCenter family room struggling to set up a Christmas tree. Because the tree was older and deteriorating, Dave and his sister-in-law, the patient’s wife, agreed they wanted to donate a new tree.

The gift, they said, would be a thank-you to the care team and would brighten the holidays for fellow visitors.

“If my husband were able, we know he would do the exact same thing we did,” the patient’s wife said.

So, Dave rushed to Lowe’s that same day and purchased a pre-lit Christmas tree for the CareCenter, along with a full set of ornaments. Aptly, he named the tree after his brother.

Their generosity quickly inspired other patient families in the CareCenter and several pitched in for the cost of the tree. By the end of the day, the group chose to honor those who donated, as well as their loved ones who are patients, by writing their names or fond messages on the hanging ornaments.

“This really became a group effort and we were happy to do it, because JourneyCare has helped our family so much,” Dave said.

“My husband’s care team is supporting us in so many ways and I know we could not have done this ourselves,” his sister-in-law added.

The pair say they hope the tree can become a year-round fixture (perhaps, even, with decorations for different holidays), so patient families can continue to honor their loved ones with hand-written ornaments.


– By Elisabeth Mistretta, JourneyCare Content Specialist