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New Board of Directors chair finds lessons from past, hope for future

The JourneyCare Board of Directors this year welcomes Jeff Boundy as its new Chairman. Boundy, of Barrington, serves as President and Senior Lender at Cornerstone Bank, which he co-founded nearly 17 years ago in Palatine. Prior to serving on JourneyCare’s Board since its founding in 2015, he served on the legacy JourneyCare Board of Directors for several years as well. Today, Boundy shares several insights on JourneyCare’s past, present and future, as well as his own personal ties to hospice and palliative care.

On what connects him to hospice:

“I became interested in hospice because of the impact it had on my family. It not only served my grandfather well, but my father-in-law, too. He came from a tight-knit Italian family of immigrants who were uncertain about the idea of hospice when he was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2008. But when their family chose hospice, I was grateful for the education the care team gave them, even something as simple as how to act around him during his illness. As soon as the family learned to be positive, his attitude changed and his health changed. My father-in-law lived for 12 more months and his quality of life was extremely high for many of those. I believe hospice care gave him that extra year with us. Today, his family and the rest of our collective family are convinced 100 percent that hospice is the best thing. It was a wonderful education for all of us and today I associate hospice with education, not death.”

Lessons from the 2015 merger of legacy JourneyCare, Horizon Hospice & Palliative Care and Midwest CareCenter:

“Going through the merger without much outside counsel was a challenge. We were easily able to fuse our goals and values, because they were the same across the three legacy agencies. Everyone’s top priority has always been quality of care. But it was tougher with practical tiers like Information Technology and Finance. For example, you can’t easily create a new financial model without systems that talk to each other, such as for coordinated billing. Today, these issues have been identified and addressed, or are in the process of being resolved. I think we will be significantly stronger because of what we have been through.”

Looking ahead in 2017:

“I think 2017 will be a fantastic year because the significant majority of challenges are behind us. Following the merger, our primary challenge was to identify what the financial model for the new agency would look like, and this has been done. Right now our homework is nearly complete on a strategic plan for the coming years, and I feel confident the best of our plans are coming together
for the benefit of our patients, partners and communities we serve. We want to ensure that our plans remain relevant in a changing healthcare environment for years to come, so we can continue to fill a critical need for our patients and their families.”


– As told to Elisabeth Mistretta, JourneyCare Content Specialist
Originally published in Together to Care, Issue 1, 2017