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Help change the face of serious illness: Linda Carpenter’s story


The doctors finally told me the treatments weren’t working.After two years of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, Dad’s stage 4 renal cancer had spread to his bones and liver and his tumors were growing. These treatments were now doing more harm than good. It was time for hospice, the doctor said.

He connected us with JourneyCare and recommended their inpatient unit in Barrington, since my mother was battling cancer, too.

From the moment Dad arrived, his care was amazing in every way. A weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing Dad had excellent, 24/7 care at times when I needed to focus on Mom’s treatments or my two young children. I never had to worry.

In Dad’s final days, our family felt such relief being able to spend meaningful time with him – never worrying about the medical aspects. And when he died, I was happy his last moments were spent in such a peaceful, caring place.

Less than a year later, my mother’s cancer and other conditions, along with some of her treatments, made her extremely sick. She was visiting the emergency room more frequently. This time, thanks to my experience with JourneyCare, I knew to advocate for hospice.

I reminded Mom that hospice is not about giving up. Instead, it’s about getting the help and support you need to achieve your best quality of life. She agreed, and also entered JourneyCare.

Today, I support JourneyCare through philanthropy and have also volunteered with this nonprofit organization. I do this so that all in need can experience the same support and relief my family felt. I truly don’t know what we would have done without JourneyCare.

I believe it’s so important for all families to have access to care – regardless of their means. I also wish to educate others about hospice, teaching about the support and peace it can bring to families in their absolute worst times. All people should have the knowledge to advocate for this care the same way I did.

There are so many charities I can support, but I chose JourneyCare because this organization changed the face of serious illness for my family. The doctors and nurses cared only about the comfort of my parents, letting me enjoy them for as long as possible. I hope you will join me by giving this season, and help change the face of serious illness for so many other families.

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