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JourneyCare book club keeps members connected during the pandemic

The online book club trend continues in 2021

As people seek creative ways to keep engaged and connected during the pandemic, book clubs have thrived by going virtual. The JourneyCare Book Club is no exception, as it continues to welcome JourneyCare staff, volunteers, their friends – and anyone whose life has been touched by the nonprofit hospice and palliative care organization.

The book club has been in existence for over 10 years, so members worked together in March of last year to quickly adapt to the popular new way of gathering online. They will continue meeting virtually in 2021 until it is safe to meet in person.

Though now online, the club gives members the opportunity to socialize and have thought-provoking conversations, now from their own homes.

“It’s a fun and sharing group. In addition to the book, we often discuss current events or major plans in our lives,” JourneyCare Veterans Program Manager Linda Rockwell says. She has been book club leader since 2010. “We’ve all come to know one another fairly well.”

Prior to COVID-19, the group met in JourneyCare’s Glenview offices bimonthly and enjoyed a potluck meal — sometimes inspired by a theme in the book they were reading.

“It’s surprising how often there’s some sort of food mentioned in a book, either as a staple meal or a favorite of the hero or heroine, and it was fun to bring something similar to what was in the book,” Linda explains. “Since we can’t have potlucks now, people make whatever food they feel like eating as we have our online discussion, but it’s always fun to try to play along with a book theme.”

bookCurrently, the club reads a variety of fiction and non-fiction books on an array of topics, some old and others recently published. This month, they are reading New York Times Best Seller, “This Tender Land” by William Kent Krueger, a story of four orphans who travel the Mississippi River on a life-changing odyssey during the Great Depression.

The next JourneyCare Book Club virtual meeting will happen on Zoom, Wednesday, February 3. If you want to see what the virtual book club trend is all about, or connect with people who love reading, you are welcome to join! For more information please contact Veterans Program Manager Linda Rockwell, at lrockwell@journeycare.org or 847-556-1778.