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Honoring 2017 Volunteer Service Award recipients

JourneyCare’s volunteers are, quite literally, the foundation of who we are. Our agency was founded nearly 40 years ago by groups of volunteer physicians, clinicians and citizens who
had a pioneering vision for the supportive hospice and palliative care services that JourneyCare provides today.

As JourneyCare’s services have grown, so has the role of volunteers. Today, our volunteers serve in more than 40 roles, including patient support, pet therapy, helping at special events
and administrative support. Their work is critical to the care and services JourneyCare provides, and our teams are deeply thankful for the time and talents they share.

In this issue, we give a special salute to these volunteers. Everyone listed below has earned a Volunteer Service Award, as they celebrate milestone anniversaries with JourneyCare. They
were feted this spring and summer at three Western-themed events in Chicago, Barrington and Glenview. Thank you for all that you do!

Volunteer and Lifetime Trustee George Yapp and DeDe Zwilling



Marie Schaack



George Yapp,
JourneyCare Lifetime Trustee

Marcia Heilicser



Andy Amend

Catherine Nowacki

Ruth Rane

Volunteers Jerry Williamson, left, and Dr. Marvin Johnson



Frank Conrad

Martha Duerst

Nancy Ferguson

Russell Feurer

Patrick Moughan

Bette Roeser



Richard Conrad

Mike Beemer, Board of Trustees

Volunteers John Dykas and Casey James

Mary Bienemann

Jeff Boundy, Board of Directors Chair

Thomas Coe

Mike Denesha

Terry Gibbons

Frene Hayer

Sue Imhoff

Rose Marie Kobussen

Natalie Krzyzan

Debby Lambert

Claudia Miller

Lucy Petrone

Volunteers Bridgette Wright and Rodrigo

Carlton Prouty

Joan Ruggero

Alice Van Housen

Paul Witt



Ellen Abramowitz

Christine Allegretti

Jyoti Amin

Mickey Ayars

Vicki Bitner

Diana Bloem

Volunteer Coordinator Mary Jo O’Brien, from
left, and volunteers Diana Bloem and Adrienne Pfohl

Nora Brown

Julie Burke

Linda Carpenter

Bridget Carter

Maureen Cassidy

Linda Clark

Joanne Collins

Jeanne Daniel

Amanda Dawson

Cindy Diekmann-Hohoff

Madeleine DiGiannantonio

Smith Donoghue

Susan Feldman

Dorothy Fiedler

Paulette Forrest

Elizabeth Fraser

Marilyn Freifeld

Matt Gensburg

Joan Giroux

Pamela Gold

Nancy Gordon

Beth Gusloff

Doreen Gustisha

Lucia Hall

Diane Hansen

Susan Hanson

Karen Harris

Beverly Herndon

Maggie Hettman

Susan Igyarto

Carol Johnson

David Kaminsky

Pamela Kemph

Annette Kenney, Board of Trustees

Cathe Keres

Kate King

Bernice Kirchler

Heather Kroski

Diane Krumm

Bailey Kuhn

Andree LaVallie

Patricia Lawlor

Nanci Leigner

Leslie Levin

Fr. Dennis Logue

Peggy Martay

Terrie McDonald

Frank McGovern

Ann McHugh

Carol Mellem

Paula Merlo

Cary Mondschean

Meredith Montross

Carol Myers

Barbara Noparstak

Laurie Olson-Perkins

Caryn Penn

Robin Petty

Kristin Rakstang Schmidt

Robert Reaumond

Nancy Reinberg

Lisa Rockwell

Janice Sackett

Bob Scios

Robert Seebeck

Lisa Seyring

James Shaver

Charles Smith

Maura Smith

Mary Spiewak

Susan Tennant

Catherine Testa

Sara Thobe

Katie Umphred

Kelly Umphred

Linda Warren

Pamela Weiland

Gloria Weiss


– By Elisabeth Mistretta, JourneyCare Content Specialist
Originally published in Together to Care, Issue 2, 2017