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Courageous Family Weekend: Kids’ courageous journey through grief

No matter who you are, living with grief is challenging. But for children who are still learning to make sense of the world, their grief experience is quite different and requires special guidance and care.

That is why JourneyCare is hosting Courageous Family Weekend this fall, created especially for families with children ages 6-18 who have recently lost a loved one.

“We created this event to allow kids to be around peers who have also experienced loss, so they can connect, identify feelings, learn coping skills and how to honor their loved one, and share memories,” says JourneyCare Bereavement Services Manager Megan Andriano.

Parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend this two-day event along with their children, as families will receive grief education from licensed counselors in breakout groups tailored to both adults and children. Other event highlights include a ceremony to honor lost loved ones and therapeutic play for children.

“A lot of the magic in navigating grief comes from being with other kids who have experienced similar loss and sharing play time, because play is an important part of how children cope,” Megan says.

Courageous Family weekend will be October 16-17 at the JourneyCare Administrative Campus, 2050 Claire Court, Glenview. (PLEASE NOTE: As COVID-19 precautions evolve, this event may become virtual if necessary.)

Families interested in participating can complete a brief application at journeycare.org/cfw.


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