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2020 JourneyCare Virtual Duck Race was a success!

‘It’s wonderful to have care and support when you need it most’

Thanks to supporters who logged in to watch JourneyCare’s first Virtual Duck Race, $30,000 (a record amount!) was raised on Aug. 29 to help patients in the nonprofit agency’s All About Kids pediatric hospice and palliative care program.

But there is one family who dedicated extra time and work toward making this year’s event a success, because they know how much JourneyCare can make a difference in the lives of children living with serious illness.

The Sepe Family of Barrington served as honorary chairs for the Duck Race, choosing to give back after their daughter, Scarlett, benefited from JourneyCare’s support and care when she was young.

The Sepe family was introduced to JourneyCare by a fellow Barrington resident who was familiar with the All About Kids program. As a baby, Scarlett was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and was in need of acute medical care.Rachel Sepe, Scarlett’s mom, was surprised to learn that along with Scartlett’s pediatric doctors, the additional support they needed was so easy to access.

“When your life is turned upside down it is wonderful to have care, support, and respect when you need it the most, right in your own backyard,” she adds.

The Sepes were able to take advantage of many services offered by JourneyCare’s All About Kids program: nursing, a Child Life Specialist, pet therapy, volunteer support and more. JourneyCare helped them throughout those years by addressing Scarlett’s needs within the context of the family needs.

To make sure their littlest patients and families get the care they deserve, staff at JourneyCare are creating a virtual twist on their annual Duck Race in Barrington.

The nonprofit hospice and palliative care agency typically hosts its annual Duck Race at the Barrington Park District Aqualusion Pool to raise funds for its All About Kids Pediatric program, which serves children living with serious illness and their families in Barrington and the entire Chicago region.

Today, Scarlett is 9 years old and her condition is more stable. The Sepe family is able to maintain her needs independently and Rachel says they are thankful for the years of support that have brought them to where they are today.

As part of the JourneyCare family, their other children Gavin and Isabella are involved in the JourneyCare Juniors and Youth Advisory Board. This year, Scarlett will join her brother as a JourneyCare Junior, coming full circle and giving back to help patients and families through some of the toughest times as they face serious illness and the end of life.

Watch this year’s virtual Duck Race on demand or check out photos from the event here!