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Cheers to 35 years!

There is a lot to celebrate about Sam Oliver. She was among a handful of visionaries who founded JourneyCare four decades ago, bringing new care options to her Barrington neighbors and residents throughout ... Read more

#whywecare: Veteran finds new way to serve

“It seems like everything in my life has led me to this point,” says Leigh Walls. Growing up as the daughter of a pediatrician and a cardiologist, she chose to train as a medic ... Read more

Camp Courage helps children heal together

For kids who have lost a loved one, the support and friendship of peers who understand what they are going through can have a uniquely powerful and positive impact on their ability to ... Read more

Grandma’s comfort-inspired Italian chicken casserole

It’s not a cure, but Grandma Iaia’s chicken casserole is packed with traditionally comforting flavors and nutritious ingredients. Volunteer Patrick Curtin says the recipe, created by his spouse’s grandma, promises to inspire happy ... Read more