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JourneyCare celebrates National Volunteer Week

‘Compassion and dedication’ When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived just over a year ago, JourneyCare volunteers were faced with a unique challenge: how do you continue supporting patients and their families while keeping everyone safe? It was a tough question for people ... Read more

What you need to know about morphine and hospice

Families often tell Dr. Christine Schwartz-Peterson, JourneyCare Medical Director, that they are amazed at how comfortable their loved ones become once they are on hospice. That is because hospice care strives to alleviate pain and symptoms ... Read more

A young son’s last wish to see Mom again

When Riolo Lais and his father moved from the Philippines to the United States in his teens, his mother had to stay behind. Still, Riolo remained close with his mom, chatting constantly through video calls to ease how much they ... Read more