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Questions and Answers

1. Why did the organizations merge this year?
Healthcare is undergoing a dramatic change – both for patients and those who serve them. With this merger of three pioneering organizations in hospice and palliative care, we are leading positive change to meet the growing needs of our patients and the communities we serve. Together as one, we provide an unprecedented depth and breadth of services to patients and families across 10 counties in the Chicago area and northern Illinois.

This is a partnership of three like-minded organizations that each bring significant expertise, resources and capabilities to this endeavor. Our organizations share rich histories of caring for the seriously ill, which is what will make this partnership seamless.

2. How did you decide to use the name JourneyCare?
We believe the JourneyCare name conveys the care, expertise, and compassion we deliver to patients and families each and every day as well as our combined 100 years of service to our communities. This process has been a journey, one that has been very insightful about the perceptions and considerations of our staff, volunteers, donors, professional and community partners, general public, and most importantly, our patients
and families.

This name originated from one of our three legacy organizations and incorporates elements and aspects of the other two, including the reference to “Horizon” in the descriptor and the trillium leaves in the logo from Midwest CareCenter. By combining elements of each organization in our name, logo and tagline, we honor each organization’s legacy: caring for those in need on their journey, expanding horizons in care and underscoring the value we place on life, patients and families, and teamwork through our signature trillium leaves. We are proud to build on these rich traditions of caring.

Our new brand represents the culmination of months of extensive third party research, interviews and discussions about who we are, what we do, and how we can best position ourselves for the future to serve our patients and their families. Through our research and deliberations, we found that there is great support for maintaining a connection to our prior brands and for choosing a name that is easy to say, memorable and meaningful. The Board, which consists of equal representation from all three legacy organizations, was very active in the process and voted in October on the name and visual identity.

3. How does the new brand represent the legacy of each organization?
The new logo is “the face” of our organization, a visual symbol that unifies our three legacy organizations as one.
• The brand carries forward the verbal identity of JourneyCare as the name.
• The logo carries forward the trillium leaf from the visual identity of Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter.
The refreshed look of the leaves depicts a new organization and the three-colored leaves represent the three
legacy organizations – sharing a stem that curves naturally around the word “care” – evoking a sense of
support, nurturing and embrace.
• The orange, green and red colors emote a sense of a sunrise/sunset on the horizon bringing forward the
legacy of Horizon Hospice & Palliative Care into the graphic elements that make up the logo. The Horizon
legacy is also reflected in our taglines: “Expanding horizons in palliative, supportive & end-of-life care” and
“Expanding horizons in care.”

We also incorporated aspects of our legacy agencies into other areas of our brand, including the name of our hospice inpatient centers which will now be known as “CareCenters.” Similarly, the pediatrics program will now
be called “All About Kids,” recognizing the legacy of the Horizon program.

4. What have you been doing since you merged?
Since we announced plans in spring and the merger became official in June, we have been integrating the unique strengths of three legacy organizations to leverage our combined knowledge and expertise across the region. We now offer unprecedented depth and breadth of palliative and supportive care and end of life services for our patients and their families across 10 counties in the Chicago area and northern Illinois. What remains at our core is the commitment to provide customized care and support, clinical expertise and access to care 24/7.

We now have more than 900 team members and 1500 volunteers to ensure we continue to provide the best care and services to our patients and families. We now provide greater services to more patients and families across 10 counties in the Chicago area and northern Illinois. The organization serves nearly 3,000 patients of all ages each day across a variety of care settings, including our five inpatient hospice centers – located in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Chicago, Glenview and Woodstock.

We now offer the largest pediatric hospice and palliative care program in Illinois, serving nearly 200 seriously ill children every day, as well as expanded grief services, which now include group and individual counseling, workshops and bereavement camps to serve children and teens. Our offering of innovative therapies is also more comprehensive, including the We Honor Veterans program that recognizes veteran patients for their service and helps them access benefits; Jewish Care Services, which honors our Jewish patients’ traditions, rites and customs; Music Care Services, which includes music therapy and music-thanatology; and Massage, Art and Pet Therapies.

Of course, we have also been focusing tremendous effort on integrating operations. During this process, we have been amazed by the collaboration, innovation and thoughtfulness our staff and volunteers have offered.

We are also taking the lead in defining how we how we can meet the diverse needs of our growing population living longer with serious illness. Since our merger, we were selected as one of 141 organizations in the nation (2 in Illinois) participating in the Medicare Care Choices Model (MCCM) by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

5. What does JourneyCare mean?
We are expert guides along the journey through serious illness, providing pain and symptom management and end-of-life expertise. Each and every journey matters and is unique. As caregivers, companions, supporters, champions, advocates and friends, we help our patients and their families navigate their personal and meaningful choices, goals and wishes.

Those we care for are so much more than their illness, and we are so much more than healthcare. In our daily journeys, we impact people’s lives. We support the whole person – body, mind and spirit – with a willingness to go beyond the expected to deliver highly-personalized care. We never know what each day holds for those we care for, so finding ways to guide them on their journey and give them the best day today is why they turn to us. It is a tremendous honor and responsibility, and a role we truly value.

6. How does someone contact us now?
Patients and families remain our priority and they should continue to call the numbers they were originally provided to get round-the-clock access to care and support. Care will be seamless. In fact, all prior phone numbers are still in service and calls will be routed appropriately.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and respond to referrals and can be reached at 224-770-2489. For administrative matters, please contact 847-467-7423. Our website is updated at www.journeycare.org, which includes information on all of our services and locations.