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Our Name… JourneyCare

We are writing a new chapter in our merger story: one that builds on our collective accomplishments and commitment to providing exceptional care well into the future. Our new chapter includes a new brand for our combined organization—one that respects our rich histories, partnership and expanded capacity to provide expert, compassionate care and support to all those in need on their journey through serious illness and end of life. We are pleased to announce that our organization’s new brand going forward is:


The new brand conveys excellence and innovation in care; expertise and leadership, and responsiveness and accessibility we provide to patients and families each and every day. None of this would be possible without the pioneers who founded the legacy organizations nor the exceptional people who deliver on our promise to those we serve. We are proud to build on these rich traditions of caring.

Therefore, by combining elements of each organization in our name, logo and tagline, we honor each organization’s rich legacy: caring for all those in need on their journey, expanding horizons in care and underscoring the value we place on life, patients and families, and teamwork through our signature leaves of the trillium.

Through third party research and internal discussions across all levels of the organization, we found that there is great support for maintaining a connection to our respective legacy brands and for choosing a name that is easy to say, memorable and meaningful. The directors and trustees of our Boards agreed that those aims are achieved by choosing the JourneyCare name and updating to position it for the future, while seamlessly integrating key elements of the Horizon Hospice and Midwest CareCenter brands into our new visual identity.