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Old-fashioned house calls make a comeback

JourneyCare House Calls provides in-home primary care for people with multiple chronic conditions who may have difficulty with multiple activities of daily living (ADLs) and accessing primary care in a traditional office setting.

JourneyCare physicians pack their bags to deliver medical care for the homebound 

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Mark Grzeskowiak knocks on the door of Betty Wito’s second-floor independent living apartment in Arlington Heights. The hallway is alive with the sounds of “Jingle Bells,” and other holiday classics led by a soloist spreading holiday cheer for more than 30 residents gathered in the atrium below.

As he enters her apartment at Church Creek Senior Living Care, “Dr. Mark” (as she greets him), sits down at the foot of Wito’s La-Z-Boy in the living room surrounded by her holiday decorations, candies and photos of her late husband, nieces and nephews.

Decked out in a suit and tie (no white coat), he begins conducting a medical checkup.  Read more.