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JourneyCare leaders speaking on new initiatives at Remington national conference

Innovative solutions launching to treat advanced illness

JourneyCare leaders invited to discuss initiatives at national conference

JourneyCare is launching new, innovative initiatives that aim to change the face of serious illness – reducing healthcare costs and improving both health outcomes and quality of life for patients with advanced and chronic illnesses.

That’s the message key leaders of JourneyCare, northern Illinois’ leading nonprofit palliative and hospice care provider, will bring to a national conference in Chicago, August 8-10. The program, Remington Report’s 14th Annual Leadership and Clinical Summit, will explore the role of post-acute care providers – namely hospice, palliative care and nursing home organizations – in the next generation of home and community-based services.

Sarah Boburka, president and CEO of JourneyCare; Kelly Fisher, Registered Nurse and JourneyCare Chief Operating Officer; and Mary Pat Scoltock, JourneyCare Chief Strategy Officer, will lead a general session on the expanding roles and value of hospice and palliative care.

The discussion is a timely one. This summer, JourneyCare is launching two innovative programs that will serve patients facing serious illness earlier in the continuum of their healthcare: JourneyCare House Calls, a home based primary care program; and Chronic Care Management Services, giving extra support to patients in collaboration with their primary care provider.

JourneyCare House Calls will take needed medical care and basic laboratory services directly to the homes of Chicago area patients who suffer from serious chronic illnesses but cannot access health care because they are homebound. Chronic Care Management Services provides patients with telephonic care and support for the “in between time” between visits with their primary care doctor. Both programs aim to enhance health outcomes for these patients, decrease unnecessary hospital readmissions and emergency department visits, and improve their overall quality of life, JourneyCare leaders say.

One of the largest community-based, nonprofit hospice providers in the United States, JourneyCare has a 40-year history of innovation in bringing hospice, palliative and other advanced-illness services to residents of a 10-county region in the Chicago area and northern Illinois.

During the Remington conference, JourneyCare leaders will discuss how organizations like theirs are partnering with other health systems, payors and networks to grow and develop new solutions for managing of advanced illnesses that extend beyond hospice and palliative care.

“We are truly honored that JourneyCare has been invited to share knowledge with fellow healthcare leaders at the Remington conference,” Boburka says. “Our goal is always to best meet the needs of patients and their families, and we are excited to share how our agency has created innovative programs and strategic partnerships with hospitals, physician groups and community organizations to achieve this.”

About JourneyCare

With 40 years of healthcare leadership and expertise, JourneyCare has achieved national recognition for growth, innovation, community partnerships and best practices in caring for adults and children with serious illness. JourneyCare serves 10 counties in the Chicago region and is the largest nonprofit provider of hospice and palliative care in Illinois. The agency also provides services that include JourneyCare House Calls, Chronic Care Management and JourneyCare Choices – serving patients at all stages of serious illness. JourneyCare is dedicated to enriching lives through expert, compassionate care and empowering patients and families to live with dignity, on their own terms.