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Making Family Moments Count

When caring for a child with serious illness, making family moments count and creating lasting memories is very important. The memories you make during this time are precious and will be cherished by you and your family for generations to come.

Some ideas for creating lasting family memories are:

  • Take your family on special outings such as a trip the zoo, a ballgame or the beach
  • Have a professional family portrait taken
  • Take a lot of pictures…make sure you have photos that capture the love and unity of your family as a whole
  • Make photo albums or scrapbooks of special moments or your outings with your family
  • Make a three dimensional plaster hand mold with all of your each kids’ hands as well as holding each others hands
  • Create a piece of art with your kids handprints such as a handprint bouquet or individual handprints that can be framed and hung in a special place in your home
  • Have your entire family create an art piece that you can frame and display
  • Create memory boxes with photos and trinkets that have special meaning to you and your family
  • Make a recording of your kids voices or video of your kids together
  • Talk with your kids about their experiences with their sibling and keep a journal of their thoughts
  • Do as many things together as you can, even if it is just sitting and watching TV as a family