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Lunch and Learn Recording: Palliative Care for Children

Significant change is coming to the care of seriously ill children in Illinois as new legislation is enacted. The new law will allow more children and their families to receive palliative care services that can greatly improve their quality of life over the course of advanced illness.

Below, watch our previously-recorded Lunch and Learn webinar as we discuss the impact of the new law on young patients and their families. Mimi Noonan will share the moving story of her two children, Keegan and Tierney, and how palliative care affected their lives.


  • Mimi Noonan, President and Parent Advocate, Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (GIPPCC)
  • Kristin James, Executive Director, Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (GIPPCC)
  • Kimberly Downing, Development and Research, (GIPPCC)