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Specialized Care for Memory Loss

For more than three decades, JourneyCare has served thousands of cognitively impaired individuals and their families. Through the years we have learned that life experiences for these individuals and their families are different from those that do not have cognitive issues. For this we developed Meaningful Connections, a specialized approach to providing care, comfort and support to patients with cognitive impairments that focuses on understanding, communications, family dynamics and engagement.


To best understand individual needs and desires, we conduct interviews with the patient’s family and care team to develop personalized communications and care plans based on each individual’s physical, medical, emotional and  behavioral needs as well as their current and past lifestyle, interests, spirituality, family, friends, pets and things that bring them joy.


JourneyCare provides families and caregivers with detailed information on cognitive impairment, as well a communications tool and strategies for engagement, feedback and postings on successful connections and memory making.

Family Support…

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be very challenging, especially as the disease progresses. We support family members via phone, e mail, in groups and/or one on one based on each family’s preferred method and desire for support. Family support begins as soon as we begin caring for your loved one. We offer families and friends of those participating in Meaningful Connections programs that help prepare themselves for the journey ahead, understand what their loved one is experiencing, learn techniques for engagement and coping strategies for grief and loss.


Every JourneyCare patient involved in this program receives their own kit that includes activities and therapies personalized for each their cognitive ability and personal history. Our team works with family members to incorporate personal items which make experiences much more meaningful.