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Integrative Care Services

Elevating medical care to empower patients and ease pain

At JourneyCare, our Integrative Care Services team elevates care beyond our expert, clinical services. We offer customized therapies at our CareCenters that not only help manage symptoms, but also calm the mind and console the heart. Please be sure to speak with your JourneyCare CareCenter Care Team about setting goals and utilizing these services.

When coupled with JourneyCare’s expert, palliative training, music is a powerful tool for easing pain and anxiety. Creating beautiful music with harp and voice, a certified music-thanatoligist will modulate both their tempo and tone to respond to changes in the body, such as the slowing of pulse and breathing. This advanced, science-based music program guides patients during the transition through the final hours of life. Learn more about our music-thanatology program.

musicPet Therapy
Our volunteers bring a variety of trained, furry companions to visit patients in their homes, in assisted-living and care facilities, and at our JourneyCare CareCenters. Meet some of our furry friends.