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JourneyCare Provides Expertise at National Conference

Executive leaders Carrie Flock and Julie Glendenning promoted JourneyCare’s clinical leadership and expertise in the opening session of Remington’s 15th Annual Think Tank Summit in early March. Carrie and Julie presented on a panel addressing “How Acute-PAC Value Equations are Reshaping the Future Health Care Delivery System.”

The discussion helped answer how organizations can leverage the core competencies of post-acute care providers to provide greater solutions in their own value-based care. JourneyCare’s experience and insights were well-received.

Remington is a key driver of healthcare communications, education, trend analysis and advisory services. Their Think Tank Summit draws top industry leadership from around the country to discuss new ideas and solutions to become high performing organizations in the changing healthcare environment. Others attending from JourneyCare included Board of Directors Vice Chair Anne Miller, Sarah Bealles, Kelly Fischer, Mary Pat Scoltock and Diane Bergan.