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Is There a Cost?

Worry about costs and payment adds an additional layer of stress for you and the people who love you at a time when you and they are least equipped to handle it. JourneyCare will work with you, your family and your doctor to help you not only receive the care and treatment you need, but also manage the complexities of payment.

First, be reassured that coverage for palliative care consultations and hospice care is fairly comprehensive. As long as your personal physician bills the insurance company accurately, his or her services, as well as those of JourneyCare, may be covered.

If you are receiving Hospice Care, you may be eligible for coverage through the Medicare Hospice Benefit. All grief support services are free of charge.

If you have concerns about costs and payment, share them with us. We will help you determine reimbursement options or develop a payment plan if necessary. If you have no insurance or are unable to pay, JourneyCare offers financial assistance and charity care for those who qualify.