Please call JourneyCare Family Support Services at 224-770-2273 to learn about our grief support offerings

At JourneyCare, we understand that it can be helpful to talk about the loss of a loved one and the adjustments that follow after your loss. While there are no simple answers, our experienced, licensed counselors can help you discover healthy ways of dealing with your feelings and provide support after the death of your loved one.

JourneyCare’s Grief Support team offers group-setting support to hospice families or anyone our community. Group support options include those grieving from general loss, as well as the loss of a child or spouse. Joining a group is most beneficial after a couple months have passed since the death. Click here to learn more about support groups.

For family members and friends of JourneyCare patients, we also offer individual counseling provided by a licensed grief counselor. These services are provided at no cost, for up to 13 months after the death. Please call our Careline at 224-770-2273 for information about grief support and group sessions.

JourneyCare’s team can offer you emotional support and grief education in a setting that is most comfortable for you, whether that be one-on-one or in group sessions. We are with you every step of the way.