Every day we hear about the many ways JourneyCare team members have touched the lives of our patients and their loved ones. Here are some recent comments we’ve received about our expert and compassionate care.

In loving memory of Laurence F.

Our hospice nurse Angie was so attentive, caring and supportive. Special thanks to Angie and to the great work and attention you provide. Sincerely, -Barbara

In loving memory of Patricia O.

I would like to thank my mother’s nurse Jeanne for her excellent care and compassion. I cannot say enough about Jeanne – she made my mother’s last few months come with peace. I would also like to thank Kathleen (Social Worker) and Molly (CNA) for their care. Her loving daughter. -Cheryl

In loving memory of Ted C.

My dad was at JourneyCare from March 14 and passed away on March 21. My mom, husband and myself are so appreciative of how kind, thoughtful, compassionate and respectful the staff was when administering care to my dad and responding positively to our requests and wishes. In particular, Nancyand Maria. They were exceptional. Thank you so very much.

In loving memory of Alberta S.

On behalf of my family, I want to sincerely thank JourneyCare for your compassionate and professional care of our mom. From the very first visit to making the decision to move mom into hospice to her very last day, she was treated with kindness, dignity and a dose of humor. You provided the needed support to our caregivers and our family to make mom’s final months comfortable and purposeful. Mom truly appreciated all the care and attention she received at her visits each week. She was the most giving selfless person, full of goodness and it was a joy to see her accept the care and grace from others. I’ve told our JourneyCare story to our friends and family because you all made mom’s final journey a beautiful experience for all of us. Her life ended much as it began; with love and grace. We are grateful. Sincere thanks, Barbara

In loving memory of Frieda E.

My mom Frieda and I had the privilege of getting to know the Sapphire Team because Frieda’s roommate was/is under their care. It was wonderful to be observers of their care, compassion, sense of humor and energy. When Frieda began to show signs of more dementia, increased congestive heart issues and overall weakening, I knew getting her enrolled in JourneyCare was the best thing to do for her new needs and conditions; and to be sure of her comfort and peace. What a blessing to be told we, too, would have the same team? Anytime I needed to ask a question, no matter how minor, Nancy or Theresa was there, or a nurse would be at the “Hotline”. More eyes and ears -and HEARTS on my precious Mom. THANK YOU! more than words can say!

In loving memory of Dorothy B.

Thank you for your wonderful care of my mother during her last journey on earth. My family and I really appreciated everything JourneyCare did during that time. – Richard

In loving memory of Russell S.

Thank you for all you have done for Russell, my family and myself. You are the most wonderful people and I can’t say enough for the staff that came to take care of my dear husband. From the bottom of my heart, I will be eternally grateful. In Jesus’ love and mine, Kathy

In loving memory of Mary L.

Mary was at The Greek American Care Center. Thank you for your support and help in allowing her to “Cross Over” peacefully. Your nurses treated her kindly. Sincerely, Paul

In loving memory of Joseph C.

I wanted to say thank you to Jeannie from your organization who helped us through the final hours of my husband’s death. Not knowing what to expect, she guided us step by step as to what happens and suggested ways to keep him in a calm state and ease any pain he might have had. My family and I want her to know what a comfort she was throughout this difficult time. Sincerely, Maryann

In loving memory of Jane O.

We can’t thank you enough for our mom’s care once we switched to you. Each person we encountered was professional, kind, caring and responsive. Nurse Michelle helped our family make difficult choices, but always put mom as #1. Her recommendations and insights were spot on. CNA Brittney was comforting and caring and patient when bathing mom. Both cared so deeply. Thanks to all JourneyCare. Our family will be forever grateful.

In loving memory of David Joseph P.

Thank you for your recent care of my friend’s brother; David Joseph. I heard that you provided comfort and support to him and his family in his last days. For this, I am grateful. Sincerely, Carol

In loving memory of Dorothy W.

My mother was the beneficiary of JourneyCare’s professional care and assistance while she lived at Sunrise of Schaumburg. My mother, who passed away on January 27, 2018, after several years of deteriorating physical health, was fortunate to have had such excellent care during this difficult time in her life. My sister and brothers, have all commented about the very professional care that mother received. While difficult for each of us to watch her deteriorate from the self-sufficient woman we knew… it was very reassuring to know that she was being taken care of by JourneyCare during her difficult last years. Please express our appreciation to those who provided services to our mother. They were wonderful! Sincerely, George

In loving memory of David B.

My family and I are eternally grateful to all the wonderful JourneyCare people who were so kind and loving to my husband. They made his last days so much more bearable and he passed away in comfort and peace. Thank you,  Barbara

In loving memory of Thomas S.

JourneyCare Staff, thank you for all that your staff did for my husband Thomas. The kindness, compassion and constant attention to his well-being and our families., was nothing short of amazing. We will forever be grateful for this service and dedicated staff. May God Bless you all!!! Always in my prayers. – Margi

In loving memory of Shirley T.

Thank you for the love and care she received while in your facility. Blessings to you and your staff. Sincerely, Gary and Cheryl

In Loving memory of Elsie R.

We don’t know how to thank you for everything! Thank you for making my life easier. Thank you to all the nurses who took care of mom. You always took the time with her and she liked the visits. There are so many people to thank… from the social workers to the lady who would give her massages and the shower girl who was persistent! Every time I would call JourneyCare, you were so helpful and concerned. Thank you for the phone calls and helping me through this all. To the chaplain that held her hand and prayed with her. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Kathryn and Jeanne the day Elsie passed away. You were there with my family, consoling and guiding us. Hugs to you all. – John, Debbie and Family.

In loving memory of Helen G.

Thanks for all you did in our family’s time of need. You made this rough time in our family’s life very easy. It is a shame people don’t realize how much your services are needed at a rough time. Keep up the great work. I will spread the word about you to people who can use your services.

In loving memory of Mary Lou L.

Thank you to the hospice Staff at Northwest Community Hospital for treating my mother with respect and gentle care in her last days with us. Thank you also for the great empathy and comfort shown to my family.

In Loving memory of Wes D.

Every person involved with support, went way beyond what could have been. Thank you so much. – Carol

In loving memory of David P.

We were very happy with the care that was given to Dave while he was there as a patient. Thank you for all your help and concerns. As always, Sandy

In loving memory of Ko S.

The support JourneyCare provided me maintained a peaceful state of my mind. Everyone on the team was well trained in professional way with warm-hearted. Thank you so much, you took care of Ko and me. I was very much encouraged during my difficult time since I didn’t have my family in Illinois. I still miss him very much I experienced colon cancer and other symptoms shortly after he passed away. Today I am still in a recovering process here in NY City where my son and daughter and their families are. I am getting healthier every day. Thank you so much for your support. – Matsuki

In loving memory of John S.

I would like to thank the staff who took care of my father during his short stay. Everyone was so kind and caring to our family at such a difficult time. I also want to say I am grateful for the Bereavement Group which has my helped my mother so much. – Kim

In loving memory of Jo Ann B.

My mother Jo Ann, received care at your Barrington location. I am so happy she was able to spend her last few days there. The care she received was second to none. She was always treated with kindness and dignity. Sincerely, Katherine

In loving memory of Leo K.

Your care and attention brought great comfort not only to him but to his family. Thank you. – Rosemary

In loving memory of Kathleen E.

Julie – Hospice Nurse, Laurie – Case Worker and all the JourneyCare Workers that I have had contact with are very special people I appreciate all they did for Kathleen. – Charles, Larry and Judy

In loving memory of John S.

JourneyCare has a very respectful caring team. I felt at ease the entire time when my husband was in hospice.

In loving memory of Kumar V.

Grief Support Service Team, Thank you for your excellent services during my husband’s last week of his life and then for the past year. – Rekha

In loving memory of Larry B.

Thank you so much in keeping Larry comfortable throughout his stage. I appreciate all you did for us in giving him a memorial service. Thanks again. – Cindy, Eric and Michael.

In loving memory of Joan M.

Joan passed away this week. Your care giving was just great. My son and daughter-in-law can’t help talking about your treatment and caring for Joan. Thank you so much. – Joseph

In loving memory of Richard Z.

To the staff at JourneyCare, the Nurses, and Chaplain who attended to Richard “Dick” at Valley Hi Nursing Home, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful care and concern you gave to our beloved husband and father. He was certainly blessed by all the hearts, minds and hands who looked after him. – Marilyn, Kathy, Patricia, Mary and Joe.

In Loving Memory of Edna B.

Thank you very much for your kind and loving care. Edna and I were very fortunate to have received your care.