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JourneyLife Programs–Informing and Empowering Health and Life Choices

JourneyLife Programs offer a series of programs to educate and inspire individuals to maintain control in their lives and choices. Thanks to the changes in healthcare, you have more choices than ever, and probably even more questions. JourneyLife’s goal is to share information, discuss options and answer questions through topics of interest to you and your family, today and in the future.

How to Be a Friend to Someone with a Serious Illness

Often times when close friends or family members are seriously ill, we do not know what to do or say to bring comfort to them. Explore creative ways to provide support, love and joy to those we care about.

The Challenge of Change…Creating Harmony in Multi-Generational Families

Today, more families are experiencing the challenge of understanding and meeting the needs of several generations within their family. Join us for a lively discussion on how to reduce stress, navigate through resources and create harmony in your multi-generational family.

Hospice…The When, What, Why and How

There is a lot of confusion about hospice. Learn what hospice is, when it is time to choose hospice and all the benefits hospice offers to support patients and families during a life limiting illness and beyond.

Palliative Medicine…What Is It and Do I Need It?

Today we are hearing the term “palliative medicine” more and more. Learn what palliative medicine is and how it is used to manage pain and symptoms for those dealing with a variety of illnesses and declining health.

Your Life, Your Legacy

Your life’s story is a gift to share. Learn what it means to leave a legacy and begin reflecting on your journey in life to create a legacy to share with generations to come.

It’s All About the Journey…Making Choices Now and For the Future

Every moment counts…whether watching a sunset, sitting by the fire or simply spending time with loved ones. The greatest gift you can give those closest to you is sharing your wishes and desires for medical treatments and care in the event you cannot speak for yourself. Join us for an informal discussion on advanced care planning and how to spark this important conversation with those you love.

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