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Child Life Specialists…Helping Kids be Kids

JourneyCare’s All About Kids Child Life Specialists help our young patients and their families deal with the fears and emotions surrounding serious illness, healthcare and hospitalizations, providing effective coping strategies and emotional support through the use of age-appropriate play, self-expression activities and more. Our Child Life Specialists are a vital resource for the child, as well as their siblings and parents.

Understanding that each child’s well-being depends on the support of their family, our Child Life Specialists provide information, support and guidance to their parents, family or other caregivers in their home. Our Child Life Specialists also play a vital role in educating others about the needs of children with serious illness.

JourneyCare’s All About Kids Child Life Specialists help…

  • Ease a child’s fear and anxiety with therapeutic and recreational play.
  • Encourage understanding and cooperation by providing non-medical preparation and support for children undergoing tests, surgeries and other medical procedures.
  • Advocate for family-centered care and support during stressful situations.
  • Support and educate siblings of patients with chronic or life threatening illnesses. These opportunities may include supportive play, education about the grieving process, death and loss, as well as funeral education and support.
  • Offer family-centered events and activities (picnics, sporting events, outdoor activities).
  • Provide education and resources to parents who are struggling with the questions that are being asked by the children in their home through books, websites and articles.
  • Provide opportunities for memory making and family enriching activities towards the end of life and to allow bonding between the patient and their family. Some of these opportunities include storytelling, hand prints and molds, journaling and drawing.