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Celebrating our Certified Nursing Assistants

We’re celebrating our amazing Certified Nursing Assistants and the world-class care they provide to our patients! Our spectacular team of CNAs create a community of caring for our patients, their families and fellow JourneyCare team members every single day!

Whether they are delivering exquisite care or inspiring their colleagues, our CNAs embody professionalism and compassion that are unmatched. Here are some examples of their extraordinary efforts in the words of patient families, JourneyCare team members and partners:

“During a Jewish Care Service support visit, I witnessed a CNA providing exceptional care to a
patient experiencing a great deal of pain. She deserves the recognition for the sensitive and
loving care she provided as if it was her own family member. I was profoundly affected by her
care and professionalism … she makes me proud to be a part of the JourneyCare team.”

“My husband was in a facility for respite and I was thrilled when our JourneyCare CNA, who
normally comes to our home, showed up like she always does and made his day better. We
love her and think there should be more people like her in the world.”

“While watching a JourneyCare CNA provide care at our facility, the Silverado Morton Grove,
we were amazed by his ability to connect with his patients. We were especially stunned when
he played the piano for a patient and we thank him for all that he does.”

“I am thankful for the excellent care our JourneyCare CNA is providing to my husband. Her
care and devotion are on display during every single visit.”

We  our CNAs!