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Boards of Directors & Trustees

JourneyCare Board of Directors

Anne Miller

Vice Chair
Kent Mathy

Jeff Boundy

Kristin Kurczewski

President & CEO
Kimberly Hobson

Larry Casazza
Julia Cormier
Elizabeth S. Foley
Matthew T. Gensburg
David Hanold
Kelly Kenney
Mead Montgomery
Scott Vender

JourneyCare Foundation Board of Trustees

Lynda Bollman

Vice Chair
Linda Morris

Michael Burke

Pam Cramer

Joseph P. Matty

Melissa Buckley
Dr. Bruce Carlson
Kimberly Duchossois
Steve Erenburg
Anthony Iosco
Dr. Claire Kenneally
Elaine Kurczewski
Howard Lapin
Stephanie Leese Emrich
Tom Liebman
Cathy McCann
Anne Miller, Chair Board of Directors
Carol M. Nelson
Ellaine Sambo-Reyther
Meg Schmitz (Layton)
Arch Shaw
Heather Walser

Lifetime Trustees
Ada Addington
Dee Beaubien
Michael Beemer
Dr. E. Dennis Murphy
Sam Oliver
Roxy Pepper
George Yapp

Celebrating 10 Years of JourneyCare’s Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter
Roxy and Richard Pepper are two of the pioneers who brought hospice care to northern Illinois. In 2020 JourneyCare celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Pepper Family Hospice CareCenter and Roxy and Richard’s steadfast commitment to the community through their philanthropy.