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JourneyCare provides home health, and hospice services to the Illinois area and is a member of the Addus Family of Companies. For over 40 years, Addus HomeCare has been one of the nation’s top providers of personal home care and support services and is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective care that gives people the freedom to remain in their homes.

JourneyCare provides comprehensive, quality-driven, family-focused health care services throughout Illinois.

JourneyCare is proud to be a part of the Addus Family of Companies. A lot has changed in the more than 40 years since Addus began back in 1979, but our core objective remains the same: providing great care for the elderly, disabled and chronically ill, especially those who are at risk of hospitalization or institutionalization. We started out as a home cleaning service and then began providing chore services to Chicago’s at-risk elderly population through a contract with the city.

Our growth continued through the acquisition of additional home care contracts in other states, the opening of new branch offices, and the diversification into new services lines.

Through a national name change nomination contest, an employee in California who studied ancient deities as a hobby, suggested the name Addus based on the ancient Celtic deity who brought health and wellness to his people. In 1996, we changed our name to Addus HomeCare.

In 2016, Addus refined its strategy to focus on growth in the states in which we have a current presence while adding clinical care services to our offerings. We now provide personal care to over 42,000 patients while providing home health and hospice services to over 3,600 patients. We now have 210 offices in 22 states.

Strong Leadership

Our Board of Directors and leadership team has put in place a culture and a set of values that guides us in everything we do and makes sure our patients are taken care of. They also have positioned our company both strategically and financially for growth, so that we can serve more patients. Finally, they act as stewards who constantly seek to put the right people in place within Addus so that we can best serve our patients and stakeholders. Our executive team works with our senior leadership team, field leadership team and board of directors to support the efforts of our caregivers.

  • We believe that no one should die alone, afraid or in pain.